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Zenith 601 HD Series aircraft considering these parts are 98% complete in the last 10 years.

Drawings for parts below are free to download here so that you can make them.

Orders for items shown on this page are limited in availability, so inquire to:

(For any or all of the items below 309-792-0472)

(I do not make drawing(s) or part(s) that represent Zenith intellectual property or product inventory.)

Beaded aluminum coolant tubes 1" .049 wall 6061 T6, made any length 3" to 32". Study the two easy-to-make tools shown here and make them yourself.

I make these flared tubes at just over material cost plus shipping and packaging.


Travel Stop/Tow Bar Ring for nose strut fits 2" strut for 601 & 701 tri-gear aircraft. Print the drawing and make this one yourself.

I have a couple of the rings available.

Tow Bar for handling the 601-701 tri-gear. Print the drawing and make this one yourself.

I have a couple of the tow bars available.


Louver set for Rabbit radiator installation protects the radiator & provides negative draft to increase cooling efficiency.

Just ask and I'll email you the drawing, no charge, and you can build them yourself.


Inspection panels with spider & disk, optional safety clip at edge for fwd of wing spars. Set of 6 for 601 series or as required. A drawing has been provided so you can build these yourself. Click on the drawing for a printable size.

Nylon bearing set, for 601 & 701 tri-gear struts. These are now part of Zenith inventory and so I have discontinued making these. They are a good way to reduce wear of the landing gear and not too hard to make.