Wheel Fairings from Scratch

I've not been comfortable with the large standard wheel pants from Zenith, so I designed a shorter, narrower and sunfish shaped fairing to fit the tall HD & HDS forks, 4 x 8 Zenith Matco Wheels & large tires. They're 13.5" high, 8.5" wide & 26.5" long. The wheel fairings began as a cardboard template, then wood forms were developed, then skinned with strips of fiberglass cloth & resin, then coated with Bondo filler, sanded, smoothed and painted. Molds were laid-up on the forms. Wheel pant halves were finally pulled from hand lay-ups in the molds. For a more detailed process description, please reference the Journal going forward from the last part of Segment 8 - starting April 5, through completion on June 17, 2005.

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